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The original free color noise generator on the Internet. Please enjoy a sample of our most popular Soundscapes and signature noise. Hear what your mind has been missing...

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Our high fidelity original content is produced and mixed by award winning Sound Designers.

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An intuitive user interface and user experience tuned to promote a productive mindset.

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Procedurally generated Soundscapes create a uniquely layered sound stage each time.

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SimplyNoise’s signature color noises are utilized in clinics, schools, and workplaces around the world to help people of all age groups and professions focus, relax, and sleep better. Our content is crafted by award-winning Sound Designers and Engineers from the feature film and game industry to produce the most immersive high fidelity audio experiences. SimplyNoise has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, LifeHacker, and CNet. Hear what your mind has been missing… Dynamically generated Soundscapes allow you to create the perfect mix each time. Blend and oscillate white, pink, and brown noise with SimplyClassic. Control storm intensity and thunder frequency with SimplyRain. Set wind speeds, ocean wave oscillations, and seagulls with SimplyBeach. Adjust wood moisture levels to control the pop, crackle, and sizzle with SimplyFire. To thank you for the continued support over the years SimplyNoise is now going free to download in the form of the SimplyClassic Soundscape and the SimplyRain Soundscape is now $0.99 for a limited time.


• Mix white, pink, and brown noise • 16-bit 44.1kHz audio quality • Dynamic Soundscapes • Sound oscillation • Sleep timer • AirPlay to device • Dark and light themes


• Reduce stress • Increase focus • Be mindful • Enhance privacy • Sleep better • Soothe Tinnitus • Calm children and pets


SimplyRain, SimplyBeach, SimplyFire. New Soundscapes coming soon…


Buy signature color noises, Soundscapes, binaural beats, and more…

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Press + Accolades

If you have trouble shutting out the world when you need to study, write, paint, spark creativity, sleep, or get down to business at work, this free service is perfect for your needs.

Douglas Cootey


White noise can be helpful for everything from aiding sleep to blocking distraction … SimplyNoise is a no-nonsense application that does just that.

Adam Pash


You are a terrific resource for many of our patients. Thank you for making this available.

Billy Martin

Director – OHSU Tinnitus Clinic

An easy-to-use white-noise generator that blocks out distractions and creates a quiet, workable atmosphere. Used properly, Simply Noise can give your classroom the kind noise it needs.

Aaron Fowles


The Science of Color Noise

White Noise

Sound across all frequencies. Effective at blocking distractions because it covers the largest spectrum range. Great for reading, writing, studying, and anything that requires focus.

Pink Noise

A blend of high and low frequencies create a mesmerizing waterfall effect. Great for melting away stress while keeping you alert and energized. Creates a therapeutic environment that relaxes your mind and body.

Brown Noise

Utilizes the lower sound frequencies to generate a deep ambient rumble. Excellent for aiding sleep, pacifying children, masking Tinnitus, and soothing headaches.

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