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SimplyNoise is the best sound machine $0.99 can buy. Featuring the highest fidelity white, pink, and brown noise samples that have helped thousands of people from all age groups and professions block distractions, enhance privacy, aid sleep, soothe Tinnitus, and melt away stress. The benefits of color noise have been utilized in clinics, schools, households, and offices around the world. Enjoy the benefits and features of SimplyNoise many expensive sound machines can't match, at a fraction of the price.


- iOS 4 support for seamless multitasking + background audio
- Simple intuitive user interface.
- 16-bit / 44.1kHz CD quality samples of white, pink, and brown noise.
- Oscillation toggle for a dynamic listening experience.
- Sleep timer automatically closes SimplyNoise to conserve battery life.
- Adjust the brightness overlay to reduce light emission from the screen.
- Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod touch running iOS 3+
- Compatible with Android devices running v1.6+


+ Sleep Aid
+ Enhance Privacy
+ Block Distractions
+ Soothe Tinnitus
+ Pacify Children and Pets
+ Soothe Migraines
+ Increase Focus
+ Melt Away Stress


● [ iOS ] SimplyNoise v1.3 ( Submitted for Review )

+ New HIGH / MEDIUM / LOW Oscillation speed toggle.
+ New Universal App, now optimized for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
+ New unified audio controls in the multitasking bar.
+ Updated settings menu with more content and news.
+ Bug fixes and performance improvements.
+ New App Icon.


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